At Crew, we only work with the best. Whether it’s the talented members working on projects, or the project owners who hire them, every individual on the Crew platform is vetted for reliability.

We want our members to get paid on-time, and our project owners to receive high-quality work on time, every time. But we’re not just talk: we back it up.

While less than 1% of Crew’s projects ever require Project Protection, we’ve designed a speedy and fair review process to resolve any issues. In the off-chance that things go wrong, Crew is committed to making things right again with Project Protection.

If a project owner or a member decides that a project is not being completed to their standards, we’ll hop in and find a fair compensation amount for both parties. Project Protection is designed to figure out how much compensation is warranted and how much is owed.

Here’s what Project Protection covers:
What do we guarantee?
Crew Project Protection covers all projects, big and small. We can deduct up to:

100% of the project budget for incomplete work
75% of the project budget for quality of work not up to Crew’s standards
30% of the project budget for delays between either party
20% of the project budget for language tone

What don’t we guarantee?
Crew Project Protection is designed to resolve disputes concerning particular project parts. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee:

Project parts already marked as complete by both a project owner and member. Once parts are marked completed, funds are disbursed, and funds cannot be recalled.
Work that has been completed outside of the Crew project agreement.


What project parts are covered by Project Protection?

We cannot review future parts of a project, nor can we review project parts that have already been marked as complete. Project Protection is only for pending project payments, so please make sure that funds are released to members only once the deliverables for a project have been fully and satisfactorily met (funds cannot be recalled).

Project Protection does not cover work that has been completed outside the Crew project agreement, nor does it cover work that has not been funded (we cannot guarantee payment for a member that decides to work on a project part that is unfunded in Crew).


What happens if there is an upfront payment that has been released?

We do not recommend setting up agreements with upfront payments, since we prefer that project owners and members take advantage of Crew’s escrow system, which reduces risk for both parties.

Having said that, we understand that certain project owners and members prefer to set up their agreements with upfront payments. As long as both parties agree to upfront payments, we will allow them.

Please know that if an agreement has an upfront payment, it will be treated in the same manner as a project part that has been marked complete. Upfront payments that have been marked complete cannot be recalled, nor can they be reviewed under Project Protection.


Who do I contact if I’m considering applying for Project Protection?

If you want to apply for Project Protection, please send an email to our Happiness team over at [email protected] and we’ll get the process started right away.



What is the process behind Project Protection?

We’ve designed Project Protection to be a speedy process.

We first ask that each project owner and member provide any supporting documentation that describes the specific project part being reviewed within 7 business days. Supporting documentation includes project files, source code, test builds, communication logs, timelines, external contracts, and anything else that is deemed important. Any documentation provided after 7 business days will not be accepted into Project Protection.

Within the next 14 business days, we will compile the supporting documentation and compose a full unbiased review, taking into consideration delays, quality of work, language and tone. The review will have final allocation of compensation, and the result from Project Protection is final and cannot be appealed by either party.

Please note our resolutions are final, non-reversible, and, in the unfortunate case that either party should disagree, it means that Crew cannot be held legally liable.


How long will it take to receive refund and payment?

Once we have determined final compensation, we will disburse funds within the next 72 business hours to both parties (if necessary). In total, Project Protection takes less than 1 month.


Did I even need to read all of this?

Fortunately, there is more than a 99% chance that you’ll never have to worry about any of this. But in the off-chance that there’s an issue, we want you to know that we’ve put something in place just for you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]